New York Times Bestseller 2My second book comes out in a little over a week, but I am beyond thrilled to be included in today’s New York Times bestseller list! A Paris Apartment reached the #16 spot on the combined e-book and print list and the the #8 spot on the e-book list! We authors have big imaginations, but I never dreamed of this! Thank you, thank you for all your support of the book. I hope you like I’ll See You in Paris even more!

Also exciting is that it reached #25 on the USA Today list and #1 on all of Amazon! My agent was mad at me for not texting her about that one. 😉

So beyond excited…still…I can’t thank you guys enough. On top of that my beloved Chargers are staying in San Diego at least another year. And superfan that I am, I’m quoted in the article. Hooray! Bolt Up!

NYT Bestseller 1






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