Happy November!

Admittedly, it doesn’t feel too much like fall around San Diego, but I hear there’s a little Polar Vortex action happening in the Midwest and East right now. The weather was extremely mild when I was in New York this week and I’m headed to Baltimore on Monday. Is it weird to admit I’m hoping for extreme cold?

I had a lot of great feedback about my chosen October charitable foundation Nest and I was happy to send off a check today. What a great organization filled with love and family and selflessness.

IndiaLogoFor November… this one brings up a lot of emotions. Heartbreak and hope and the importance of compassion. It is The India Phillips Foundation, whose purpose is to shed light on the importance of organ donation as well as to perpetuate the giving spirit of a magical young girl.

I knew India, who passed away very suddenly three years ago this month. India and her older sister were classmates of my daughters throughout preschool. We all knew this little girl was pure magic long before we understood how short her time with us. But India Phillips very strongly lives on. Her family has done a tremendous job infusing India-like love in a way befitting such a special girl. My heart both sings and breaks whenever I see a picture of her.

So, please, join me if you can. And if you can’t, at least spread some kindness to those who need it, just as India always did.