Greetings all!

These months just keep getting away from me. I just made my donation toward Safe Horizon for September sales and for October I’ve selected… Nest!

BuildANestNest was brought to my attention by a friend who lost her young, vibrant, philanthropically-minded cousin in a tragic accident. She was involved with Nest, and her family has designated this as her memorial charity.

Nest’s mission statement:

Nest is partnering with the world’s most promising artisans to build sustainable businesses within the competitive landscape of today’s global economy. Simultaneously, Nest is helping artisans to transform their communities through the alleviation of poverty, empowerment of women and promotion of peace.

I love the idea of “partnering” with these artisans to build something to last. The social impact is profound:

  • Alleviating Poverty: Nest artisans earn 19-170% above minimum wage
  • Promoting Peace: 50% of artisan businesses bring together religious or ethnic groups typically seen as in opposition
  • Empowering Women: 89% of Nest artisans are women (much higher than the global average!)

The above is from their website.

So, please join me in October if you’re in a giving mood! The point of these monthly donations is to spread the love. But I love it even more when people email me to say they’ve decided to donate a little too!