Dang, I could’ve sworn I posted this earlier in the month but it seems to have disappeared!

Well, September is almost over, but the charity I selected for the month is Safe Horizon, the nation’s leading assistance organization for victims of child abuse and domestic violence. What I love most about the organization is the hands-on support they provide (more than merely “raising awareness”) as well as their focus on victims of human trafficking, which I think is a hugely overlooked crime in the U.S. We think it does not happen here but it absolutely does.

I hope everyone is having a lovely start to fall. I have been insanely busy between my day job and finishing up book #2, which is due 10/3. I’m done writing it, just wrapping up the editing. Add in kids (softball games galore), husband, work travel, and stressing about the Chargers (how about them Bolts!?!) there’s not a lot of sleeping or eating going on around here. I’m looking forward to October being a little calmer (fingers crossed).

Happy Fall!