Hi all!

Well I just mailed off a check (and a couple books!) to the The Monarch School for my July charitable foundation. With school starting soon, I’m sure they can use the funds. If you’re inspired by their mission won’t you donate a few dollars too?

I also received an email that they need school supplies (binders, paper, pencils, backpacks, etc), Kleenex boxes, antibacterial hand gel, and copy paper (white and colored). If you’re local to San Diego, consider donating a few items!

And now for the August foundation I’ve selected… Help4HD International! This organization is all about advocating for Huntington’s Disease, a misunderstood and deadly disease. This is personal for me as my sunny, brilliant, wonderful uncle was afflicted by HD. So little is known, even amongst doctors. My aunt wrote a beautiful, highly readable memoir on the topic and also recently had a piece in the Sacramento Bee.

Thank you, again, everyone for your support. For reading the book, for turning out at signings, for cheering me on! I am grateful every day. xo