Hi all!

The preliminary numbers are in and A Paris Apartment had a stellar first week! It made the Ingram bestseller list (distributor to indie bookstores) and was in the Barnes & Noble top 50 for adult titles. This exceeded my expectations several times over!

GratitudeTHANK YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you for embracing this story. A Paris Apartment was not some massive book by some big name author that received tons of co-op space. I truly feel like the support and enthusiasm by friends (online or “real”) and family (and some well-read bloggers) made all the difference. The love I felt during the week was overwhelming and I am so, so grateful. People read the book, loved the book, and shouted about it! How did I get so lucky?

I was very curious about how the sales would break down between e-book versus hardcover. E-books made up only about 12% of total sales. That was a big surprise! The Kindle version has been an Amazon bestseller in several categories plus I feel like I’m one of the few who still read RFBs**. It doesn’t matter to me how people consume the book but I thought e-books would make up a larger percentage. It must be said, the hardback itself is so stunning I do feel like e-bookers are missing out! My own bias for the gorgeous product St. Martin’s Press created.

**Real f’ing books

Anyway, thank you to everyone again. This was truly a team effort! And if you haven’t purchased it but plan to, as a reminder a portion of May sales will go toward the Chloe Nichols Foundation. If you don’t plan to purchase the book, please consider making a donation nonetheless. 😉

Have a good weekend. And here’s a great review of A Paris Apartment that landed in my in box this morning.