A Paris Apartment comes out one week from today! It still feels like such a fantastical concept that I’m having trouble believing it. That is, until I’m shoring up plane reservations or writing guest posts for other blogs, which is why this one is getting ignored lately! And, oh yeah, the anxiety that is starting to set in!

Not to mention a thing called a “day job” and these people called “kids,” all of which keep me running from dawn until the next dawn these days. All in, though, being busy is a nice problem to have.

In case you didn’t see it, I recently did a (“signed”…snort) hardcover giveaway of A Paris Apartment. To enter required only to name your favorite city. I love, love, loved reading everyone’s responses and it did not make it Monday morning particularly easy as I had to fight the traveling daydreams. The winners were Monique, whose pick was Monte Carlo, and Tanya, who loves Prince Edward Island.

Fountains at dusk in Casino square in Monaco  New London, PEI

Here are some of the other locations people chose, broken down by area.


CardiffbytheSeaWestern U.S.
Cardiff by the Sea, CA (my home town, but I didn’t pick it)
Dallas (the big D!)
Dorrington, CA
Fort Collins, CO
San Diego (Go Chargers! Go Padres! Go Aztecs! Go perfect weather!)
San Francisco
Solana Beach, CA (next town over)
Telluride, CO (gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!)

NYCEastern U.S.
Bethany Beach, DE (my personal favorite Mid-Atlantic beach)
Hershey, PA (apparently the air actually smells like chocolate!)
Newport, RI
New York City (most popular city named)
Pittsburgh, PA
Sag Harbor

Midwestern U.S.
Chicago, IL
Columbia, MO (a daughter heads off to college)

NewOrleansSouthern U.S.
Birmingham, AL
Charleston, SC
Edisto Beach, SC
New Orleans (another popular one!)
Richmond, VA (I love this city, too)
Savannah, GA (also popular)
Treasure Island, FL

hanaleibaykuauiHawaii & Other Islands
Honolulu, HI (vacation AND family for this person; can’t beat it)
Kailua, HI
Princeville, Kauai (yes!)
Southampton, Bermuda (must go there)
Prince Edward Island

Avignon, France
Carcassone, France
Monte Carlo (yes, please!)
Paris (oui! oui!)
Oxford, England
Taormina, Sicily
And, from a very well-traveled friend…Hong Kong!

My choices? Paris (bien sûr), London, and Washington, DC.

Happy travels! If even in only your fantasies. Wishing I was in Monte Carlo right about now…