Hello everyone!

A few pieces of news to share. First of all, due to a somewhat goofy situation The Paris Apartment is now A PARIS APARTMENT! The book still comes out on April 22, 2014 in hardback or in e-reader–whichever you prefer!

Secondly, here it is, my glorious cover! I am in love!

Isn’t it gorgeous??

We actually had a prior cover in the works. The funny thing is, now that I think about it, that cover was the near opposite of this one. The room was cluttered and a young woman was featured. There were many things I liked about it overall but I had a few qualms about some of the details. I expressed my reservations, all the while knowing that a) cover design is not my forte and b) the author generally gets little say.

Then, a couple weeks ago, I got an email from my editor, the subject line referencing a new cover. I was assuming it’d be a tweak on the original but when I opened up this baby I gasped. There was nothing bad I could say about it. Not one stinking thing! And believe me, being critical is never a difficult proposition for me. I think this is just perfect and could not be happier.

So that’s all from the world of A PARIS APARTMENT. It comes out in less than three months.

Finally, as an aside…and this has nothing to do with books or publishing or work of any sort. My beloved aunt is critically ill in the hospital right now with sepsis. So whatever is your thing–prayers, good vibes, all of the above–if you don’t mind sending a few out to Janet it would be much appreciated. She is in a dire situation but the fact she is still alive is a miracle in itself. This is an amazing, vibrant, young, and huge-hearted woman and believe me when I say this world needs her in it for a lot longer. Her husband, children, friends, and family need her and there is a class of second graders desperately wanting their wonderful teacher back. Thanks for any good energy you can provide. I am not a religious person but I truly believe in the collective power of prayer.