Well, I do.

My obsession might border on unhealthy at times. Indeed my young daughters watch the NFL draft and can tell you what Sports Radio guys have been fired and why. Though I am fairly knowledgeable on a variety of sports topics, I am a big homer: Chargers, Padres, San Diego State Football, and San Diego State Men’s Basketball (which has the best student section in the US… “The Show” aka @TheShowSDSU). I didn’t go to SDSU but my parents did and my college’s teams don’t generally compete at a national level, or even have a winning record, except once about every thirty-seven years or so. Thomas Jefferson was mad into hoops, though.

It’s silly. I know this. But why? Why do sports make me cry? Why do 90 percent of my marital squabbles involve the phrase “stop being mean about the Chargers”? How is it that there is a botched snap in the final seconds of a Kansas City game that will forever ruin Halloween for me, and makes my stomach turn to even type this out? (DAMN IT RIVERS!!!) Surely there are worse problems in this world. Surely there are worse problems in the first page of any given Facebook feed. But that’s not the point.

On some level, it makes sense I get so attached to sports and teams and seasons given how much I love to read. It’s the same in many ways. High drama and bad guys and good guys and OMG the protagonist (see e.g. Philip Rivers) is such a lovable loser you only want him to grow by the end of it! Personal growth! Triumph over evil! And always over the Raiders!

Like reading, sports are an escape. They give you someone and something to cheer for. It even offers a sense of community. You have your book club and then you have your field level seats with a bunch of drunken derelicts where you can all shout “Fire Norv!” in unison or debate endlessly about how they could’ve possibly gotten rid of Jackson and Sproles and Brees and my personal favorite Tolbert. They offed my favorite character – how could they?? Of course, in book club, usually multiple people aren’t getting arrested. Usually.

So, if you’re not a sports person, never been a sports person, but love high drama and compelling story lines, might I recommend attending a sporting event?  Listening to sports radio as you drive to work and/or tote kids around? You might find the plot more interesting than you’d expect.

Now excuse me while I finish watching the Spurs-Heat game. GO SPURS! (Or, specifically, go Kawhi Leonard – former SDSU Aztec!)